Tips To Take Your Black – White Combo To Next Level

Black and white outfit is a trend that will see through day to night and season to season, however, it usually falls by the wayside in term of styling. The ensemble offers all-occasion wear that makes you look elegant  and helps deal with any fashion dilemmas. But if you combine your clothes  inappropriately, your black and white outfit may become boring. Give a peek sneaky to array of tips below, I have creative idea to wear exquisite color palette. From textural leather to layered style, winter-white sweater to one-piece skirt, take some tips from outfit to stay on trend every season. Just scroll down to see.

White in dominant

White palette means elegance and urban glam and it is staple that your wardrobe can’t live without. Why people obsess with white? It’s because of its versatility is limitless. Wearing white palette in cool season is nothing yet has a lot of punches that will brighten up your mind in this winter. Opt for a button-down shirt, sweatshirt, white sweater then pair it with a short skirt or legging. Create an accent with a pair of white shoes in order to amp up your chic-appeal.

White in dominant 3 White in dominant 2 White in dominant

Layer and prints

Layer and prints 3 Layer and prints 2 Layer and prints 1

When it comes to wearing black and white combo, you tend to stick with minimal look. Yet today fashion is about having fun rather than too polished. So why not play with some prints? Layered style is key trend to contribute to a sophisticated black and white combo. Add some accents to your outfit with print details by teaming with pleated shirt, coat in tartan or houndstooth prints, a scarf in zigzag (chevron) prints, etc.. Style is what we have regardless of what we are wearing so don’t hesitate to mix up casual pieces for new look. Note that: pairing with a lot of printed pieces may make your outfit outrageous so make sure you complete the look with right items.

Add some grey tones

You want to implement some palette to black and white outfit  –  but don’t want to break out basic rules? If so grey tone can go well with your ensemble. These are more than chic, reminding me of fashion of 90s. Wear them as a basic sleek outfit or pop of blended color – you also know that during the day in winter they are the best way to stay warm. Accessorize them with jewelry,  monochromic handbag or a pair of black or white shoes.

Add some grey tones3 Add some grey tones2 Add some grey tones1

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  1. These black and white looks are definitely on point!

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