New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit

When denim-on-denim has been key trend and broken into world of fashion during this past during spring/summer, girls were doing cool look.  And here come to Fall/Winter’s version –  knit-on-knit combo. Wearing warmly layered style in these chilly days is nothing yet effortlessly radical, making a statement look.

New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  02 New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  01

Fall and Winter have been mentioned as the season of fashion because it is filled with a source of inspiration for designers to create and launch new collection.  When it comes to fall/winter fashion, thick materials such as snag wool, leather, fleece, spandex, etc. are the wardrplace foobe staple replace for chiffon fabric we have used during summer. If you obsess with fashion craze: denim-on-denim which claimed more on the summer’s runway, you will love this fall trend: knit-on-knit. With the way they feel, so cool to make every guru feel like crazy, this is sense of chic, young that going for a mellow day or adventure you are going to participate.

New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  03

New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  04

Denim-on-denim style is a combination of pieces of denim clothing in a harmoniously tone, revealing spirit of “wild thing” and fun rather than too polished. But when you put on a knit-on-knit combo – the mix of knitting shirt with boot-cut pants or high-waist skinny pants  – it takes your style  back to “classic”. Don’t worry, you will love this style because it will go for a long way and is effortlessly blend into a street style outfit, from feminine, quirky to minimalist style. Despite the dominant color (black and grey) is quite monotonous, you can mix and match ton-sur-ton with a pair of shoes and handbag to avoid a plain look. There are a lot of sorts of woolen clothing to wear: Shaket Turtleneck Sweater, Wide-Leg Pants, Hook-And-Eye Cuffs, Textured Inlay Sweater Dress, etc..

New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  06 New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  05

Why not try a new style? A weekend hangout or strolls through street are more fun when you have the latest trendy outfit this cold-weather season. Knit-on-knit also works wonder for work or school you know, depending your combination but chance are if you opt for a classic pencil skirt in go-with-anything color like black. Then tuck them into a pair of high heel shoes in the same color. Another popular trend with knit-on-knit is wearing wide-leg pants paired with sweater and a jacket, it is a right-on-trend outfit for going to school. Simplicity meets style? Easily put on a easy-on-style Textured Inlay Sweater Dress, teamed with a belt, you will be in the clear.

New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  08 New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  07

New Winter Trend To Know: Knit-On-Knit  09

Knit-on-knit is becoming popular and easily goes well with most of key trends but can easily fall by wayside in term of styling so you must follow fashion rule when you mix and match. Remember: don’t choose colorful woolen shirt or pants, monochromic patterns are the best choice for knit-on-knit style. You can layer up these clothing for a staple look and warm ensemble in the winter.

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