fashion for your kids

Fashion for your kids

We have spotted lots of potential children in style such as Suri Cruise (daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), Willow Smith (daughter of Brad and Angelina), Kingston Rossdale (son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale), with fashionable outfit that catch admired eyes. And recently the fashion market has witnessed emerge of some more children with unique styles and trendy outfit. Of course, their parents’ style inspires and impacts dramatically on their style but we can’t deny the fact that these children have very good sensation of fashion. Some of them are still in elementary school however they already have their signature look that many people adore. Check out top 3 junior fashionista at list below.

1. Alonso Mateo

Alonso Mateo 03

Well, we will all this boy who has a round lovely face and velvet blonde hair and look terrifically good-looking. Despite his record in fashion market seems not long so far yet he has create a tremendous impact on the fashion market with his stylish outfit like a gentle man. Alonso Mateo has his root in Mexico and is living in American, father’s business is in fashion and mother is a free stylish. His style is mostly influenced by his parents. Borrowing his fashionable sensibility from his parents, he never goes anywhere without looking ridiculously cool. In sleeved T-shirt, classic white shirt, printed T-shirt, denim jacket, boot, slip-on shoes, youth Oxford shoes, great pair of shape, he looks trendy and handsome as a junior fashion icon. Of course, he will be an outstanding among mass of people.

Alonso Mateo 06 Alonso Mateo 05 Alonso Mateo 04

2. Alaia Rose

Alaia Rose 03

This early 3 year old girl with her brown curly hair and her discerning style has made a strong impression to everyone at very first sight. Her style focuses on non-print staple with basic palettes like white, dark and grey, looking simple yet terrifically prominent and cute. Don’t mistake that her wardrobe lacks of diversity and creativity, she knows how to mix clothing up with extra accessories and her hair style. Her outfit is associated with knit skirt, white shirt, denim shirt, glitter sandal, slip-on shoes paired with accessories like bag, loud jewelry and hipster pair of sunglasses, looking like an urban girl.

Alaia Rose 04 Alaia Rose 05 Alaia Rose 02

3. Szafeczka

Szafeczka 02

Her mother firstly helps her build an entire ensemble round then inspires her sensation of fashion in style. Szafeczka is epitome of strong, urban yet feminine style. Szafeczka’s signature associated with short, legging, word-printed T-shirt, sneaker, athletic shoes, crossed colored shirt. Sometimes she adds a lovely pink headband or a cap, slouchy hat to her look to implement outfit, all jointly make up a beautifully stylish girl. She knows no that no outfit is complete without some extra embellishments. And it is no wonder that this outfit takes her well from school to campaign or street.

Szafeczka 04 Szafeczka 05 Szafeczka 06

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