10 beautiful dress style for you

10 beautiful dress styles for you

What is the best season for wearing your favorite dresses? The answer is wonderful summers. Summer is a season of a long trip, a stunning holiday and great beach holiday that is a reason why you should choose for yourself the most beautiful dress. If you don’t know what style are fashionable for this season, keep your eyes on the 10 dress styles for summer guu 2014 below.

1. Elegant Floral dress

Elegant Floral dress
Do you like wearing floral dresses? Whether you go to work or meet a client, an elegant floral dress is the best choice. In this case, a floral dress will be different from with the colorful flower dress. Those dresses with flattering designs, striking floral details that enhance your elegance and luxury. With this style, formal clothes in Business and workplace will become sweeter, fresher and still keep professional.

Elegant Floral dress 03Elegant Floral dress 02

2. Shirtdress

Why not add your wardrobe with the perfect shirtdresses? Whether you go to work or go out with friends, they are good choice for gentle, simple, cool and very elegant styles. To find a shirtdress for workplace, a bit hard materials combine with high heels that help you look nice on each step. However, while going out you should choose soft and floating materials coordinating with a pair sandal or kitten heels. Surely, you will feel fantastic to wear any day of the week.

Shirtdress 03 Shirtdress 02

3. Denim dress

Denim dress 03

Instead of being uncomfortable when wear jeans, why don’t you try new style with denim dress? The denim dresses help women feel more active and younger as great casual dress. Dressing up a simple dress with coarse fabric material, this is actually perfect for the summer weather to become more fresh, comfortable, and personal. A great choice for women living tropical countries, right?

Denim dress 01 Denim dress 02

4. Dress with impressive motifs

Dress with impressive motifs 02
There is no doubt that your summer won’t be fun if it lack of dresses with impressive motifs. Is it wonderful to see the bright colors under the sunshine? Whether you go out or walk in the street, you will become more attractive with colorful dresses. Or just changing with accessories, you will have a perfect set for evening party. When go to work, you can wear with a blazer jacket plus a pair of high heels to create an elegant style.

Dress with impressive motifs 04 Dress with impressive motifs 03

5. Gingham dress

Gingham dress 02
Gingham motifs are still in fashionable so there is no reason that you should not choose one for yourself in this summer. Personality, elegance, classic and something is special – it is worthwhile for you to add a nice gingham dress into your wardrobe.

Gingham dress 03 Gingham dress 04

6. Lace Dress

Lace Dress 01
When talking about summer dresses, you can’t miss lace. Lace is the material of summer, the charm, the glamor and the elegance. The summer shine seem to be lighter with soft lace dress. The year of 2014 will be continued to be fussy lace dress models with bright colors, gentle style appealing women. Is it so great for you to wear sweet and transparent lace dresses?

Lace Dress 03 Lace Dress 04

7. Pleated Dress

Pleated Dress 02
What do you think about a bit of sweet and gentle for this summer? A pleated dress is a perfect idea. Don’t miss to make your wardrobe become more attractive for a charming summer.

Pleated Dress 03 Pleated Dress 04

8. Ruffle dress

Ruffle dress 01
Don’t think that ruffle dresses are in out of fashion! It was not until the style of ruffle dress was introduced this year, you would be amazed. What a luxurious and elegant dresses! With light colors, simple designs and gently ruffle valances, a ruffle dress will become a perfect choice for you to mix them both go to work and go out in the summer.

Ruffle dress 03 Ruffle dress 04

9. Maxi dress

Maxi dress 01
As you know, Maxi is a basic style for summer. With thin and soft material, you will feel comfortable while dressing up. If you are girls owning short legs, maxi is a perfect choice to make you higher. No woman’s summer wardrobe is complete without at least one maxi dress to become more stylish.

Maxi dress 02 Maxi dress 03

10. White dress

White dress 01
The last and the most important is that white dress. Never ends your shopping without buying a white dress. The charm and elegance of white color is necessary for you throughout summer. When spend money on white dress for summer, surely you have a right investment.

White dress 02 White dress 03

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